Bolin Family Portraits

I photographed the stunning Bolin family last week at Zilker Park at sunrise which allowed for many different beautiful lighting situations. It was a chilly start to the day but with some warm thoughts (the kids screamed “pancakes” instead of “cheese” which I loved and inspired post shoot brunch plans) we got some great portraits of this beautiful family. Here are some of my favorites- and as always, all images © Heather Gallagher Photography


The value of Birth Photography

Here’s an interesting blog post from a fellow birth photographer that sheds some light into the value of professional birth photography. All too often, birth photographers, including myself, will miss out on jobs because a potential client is looking for the lowest price out there. Well, with that low price usually comes low quality- it’s the best example of getting what you pay for. Read on to learn what goes into our service rates and why. You might just realize you’re getting a bargain.

Oh what fun, Eli’s 1!

I can’t believe this boy is one! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Eli since he was in utero and many times since and each time I’m so shocked at how much he has grown. Here are some of my favorites from his recent birthday party with friends & family at his lovely home in Austin, TX.


Ariston’s Birth Story

A week ago, Ariston Ellis Golden was born, and it was awesome. This little man kept us all on our toes anticipating his arrival; he was predicted to come early but instead arrived a day after his original due date. How eerily accurate! I was so honored to be there and to document this most important day, and everyone sure made it really easy on me! Nichole, Ariston’s bad ass momma, was so calm and collected the whole time and new Poppa Will was solid as a rock by Nichole’s side. It was also a beautiful, unseasonably warm January day in Austin.  Ariston came into the world at 2:01 pm on January 15 at St. David’s hospital after a very brief and graceful labor and he could not be more loved by his new parents.

As a birth photographer, I’ve been present for a number of births  but now that I am expecting (and soon), I was absolutely overwhelmed with how amazing life is. This came in the form of big, sloppy, blur your viewfinder tears.

Congratulations, Nichole & Will and welcome to the world, baby Ariston!!

All images © Heather Gallagher Photography. Do not save or copy.


Graham family holiday portraits

This morning I had the pleasure of taking the Graham family’s holiday portraits. They were all warm and cozy on this dreary day in their adorable Christmas PJ’s, trapdoors, footies and all! Here are some of my favorites from this great shoot.

131214_GrahamHolidayPortrait_0001 131214_GrahamHolidayPortrait_0007 131214_GrahamHolidayPortrait_0013 131214_GrahamHolidayPortrait_0017 131214_GrahamHolidayPortrait_0024

McFarlin family holiday portraits

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely McFarlin family again to shoot their holiday portrait marking their first year in Austin. We hit up South Congress and the famous “Greetings from Austin” mural downtown (that has just been restored and looks great) for some fun, iconic shots of this beautiful family in their new beautiful city. Here are some of my favorites 131116_McFarlin_HolidayPortraits_0023 131116_McFarlin_HolidayPortraits_0028 131116_McFarlin_HolidayPortraits_0019 131116_McFarlin_HolidayPortraits_0018 131116_McFarlin_HolidayPortraits_0003 131116_McFarlin_HolidayPortraits_0012

The Cadena Family

I had a great shoot with the Cadena family yesterday! They had originally booked this photo session so they could update their family photos for their adoption profile and in the week between booking the shoot and yesterday  (after 3 looong years of waiting), they were matched with a baby boy- their second child! I could not be more happy for this wonderful, loving family and wish them only the best! Here are some of my favorites from my shoot with Mom, Dad, Mason (who is the sweetest boy and the biggest flirt), Grandma and Grandpa. CONGRATS !!!   130702_CadenaFamilyPortraits_0040130702_CadenaFamilyPortraits_0027130702_CadenaFamilyPortraits_0013130702_CadenaFamilyPortraits_0136